Graphic Designer for GAO Group

Please read before applying, non-complicance will render application void and reflects poorly on you:

GAO is looking for Graphic Designers interested in a full-time permanent position. This position is only open to Singaporeans or Permanent Residents.

Highlight of the Role:

Get to work with the best and produce work that will serve as representation and add value to a growing team. Bask in the satisfaction that work done for GAO Group will be exposed to the market and be used for real life applications globally.

Job Scope:

  • Design of logos and other illustrations that can aid in visual communication of ideas and concepts.
  • Design and layout of UI/UX for Web and Apps. Ability to communicate and interface with programmers is a plus.
  • Design of other templates as might be necessary such as for Powerpoint Presentations, Guides or Design Guidelines for other projects such as:-
    • a. Real Estate Projects developed by GAO Group
    • b. Tech Startups, Companies and Projects organically initiated by GAO Group
    • c. Media/Networking/Company Events, Parties and various other shennanigans that we might be up to.

Job Requirements:

The Intern should:

  1. Be in the process of completing a degree from a Singapore University or Polytechnic or Diploma course.
  2. Have significant experience in using the Adobe Creative Suite of tools and namely:-
    • a. Adobe Photoshop
    • b. Adobe Illustrator
  3. Strong interest and understanding of the use and selection of Fonts and other font databases.
  4. Be able to use the computer proficiently to manage and manipulate graphics. I.e., be able to manage vector graphics, convert file formats, etc.
  5. Intermediate proficieny with photography and lighting skills and ability to edit digital images.
  6. Have basic experience in web development and terminology to be able to best portray one’s work digitally
    • a. Responsive design
    • b. Bootstrap design
    • c. Basic HTML and CSS design
  7. [Bonus] Strong copyrighting skills to be able to come up with basic descriptions for various presentations.
  8. [Bonus] Videography or Audio editing skills to be able to produce short podcasts or videos.
  9. [Bonus] Strong desire and willing to learn better web development skills. (Non hardcore programming skills)
  10. [Bonus] Multilingual skills and ability to speak and write in other dialects or languages with a particular emphasis on Mandarin and Bahasa.

Qualified candidates should possess the willingness to work hard in an unstructured environment where initiative and enthusiasm for learning are highly valued. Strong communication skills are essential.

How to apply:

  • Please indicate the Job Title as the Header of the email.
  • Please attach a PDF copy of your resume.
  • Please attach a portfolio of your work. We prefer digital format but we understand if you would like to present it in person.
  • Please atteach links to any web design work you might have done before that is available online.
  • We are interested in what other forms of medium you might be able to work in besides digital. (Watercolor, Oil, Charcoal, Sculpture, Clay, etc)
  • Please send your cover letter and indicate your start date availability.
  • If you were referred or recommended by a previous GAO Alum, please indicate in your email as well.

Suggested Portfolio Examples:

  • Website designs
  • Logo or namecard designs
  • Magazine, flyer or newsletter designs
  • Font or typography designs
  • T-shirt or apparel designs
  • Powerpoint, Excel designs

Further notes:

  • Criteria and selections for the posting is at the sole discretion of the employer and shortlisted candidates will be contacted directly.
  • Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified and applications will be considered on a rolling basis.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact your career advisor for any assistance.